Fashion Despair

Style Despair

Many women I work with immediately claim, “I’m at a complete loss, I don’t know what to do!”  This reaction to style and fashion reflects a common belief among women that “I’m supposed to know how to do this!”  The problem is that we buy into gender stereotypes about what we should know and be […]

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Dressing For 100 Degree Heat

It’s that time again, ladies, when the summer heat hits triple digits and getting dressed is all about staying cool. But you don’t need to sacrifice style to dress for the hot summer months. Here are some smart style tips to keep you looking chic and feeling cool: Choose clothing pieces that don’t cling to […]

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Mom and daughter style

Who Do You Dress For?

So why is it that some women dress to meet the expressed or implied expectations of others rather than themselves? This got me thinking about the issue of who we dress for, and why. Self-esteem is probably a big factor. This plays out in the balance of power in relationships and how some women seek […]

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Fall & Winter Trends 2018/19

The era of “Me Too” and “Times Up” is impacting fashion in interesting ways this season. More women are finding their voices, running for elected office, and seeing themselves as agents of positive change. They want to dress in ways that communicate power and strength, rather than sexiness. As such, you’ll see silhouettes more covered […]

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Transitional style

Transitional Season Dressing

The most challenging time of year for dressing, particularly in Arizona, is the transition from summer to fall. The calendar says September, and we know fall is almost here, but the temperature is still over 100 degrees. What should we wear? Read on and I’ll provide you with tips on stylish transitional dressing that won’t […]

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Woman & camera

The Long View

During these hot summer months as I’m working with clients, I hear many of them lament the need to “look better” (translated as lose weight, exercise more, get toned, etc) for upcoming family reunions, getaway vacations or special occasion events. Although a worthy goal, my first thought usually goes something like this. “I wish more […]

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