Style Sticker Shock

Most of us experience sticker shock. We go to buy a couch, a new car, a refrigerator or concert tickets and gag when we see the price. Income level may affect our shock threshold, but all socioeconomic levels experience being stunned by the price of something they want to buy. I’ve noticed this phenomenon when […]

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woman summer hat

Dressing for the Summer Heat

Dressing for the hot summer months is about feeling cool and looking cool, in terms of both temperature and style. Whether you live in dry or humid summer conditions, lightweight, breathable fabrics in light colors are the perfect way to stay as comfortable as possible, and look stylishly in-season. The best fabrics to keep you […]

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Savvy traveler

Traveling In Style

Packing for travel is a critical element to a successful trip. Whether you’re traveling to the coast to escape the summer heat, planning a long anticipated trip to Europe, or hitting the road to visit family and friends, packing effectively is key. Because I’m a stylist and personal shopper, I’m very particular about packing, and […]

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White fringe tank

Spring/Summer Trends 2018

If you love fashion that is fun, feminine and refreshing, you’re going to love the trends for spring/summer 2018! Just remember, you don’t need to fill your closet with all of these looks, but rather incorporate select trends that suit your personality, body shape and lifestyle. Here is what’s in store for you: Big bold […]

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Income Inequality Impacts Fashion

Income inequality has received a lot of attention over the past couple of years because of the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots. Although I’m reluctant to blog about something so political, as it’s not my area of expertise, I can’t help but notice how this issue of income inequality impacts fashion shopping. […]

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Woman considering art piece

Rethink Your Closet

At one of my style talks on “Dressing For Your Body Shape” at Troon Country Club, a women asked about the best way to arrange her closet. She had just moved into a new home and, before she got too comfy with her previous way of organizing, she wondered if arranging by color, by season, […]

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