Mix and Match

Mix and Match Pieces

Most women say that they want their wardrobe to include a lot of mix and match pieces. But, what exactly does ‘mix and match’ mean? Why is it important, and what’s the best way to go about achieving it? Mixing and matching means selecting individual pieces for your wardrobe that are interchangeable to create a […]

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Chic wide black belt

Belt It!

Belts are a great way to enhance a look, make a statement, or draw attention. They should compliment your style and be consistent with the rest of your outfit. But, belts can be a challenge because of the overwhelming variety of options you face. So think carefully before you buy. Do you want a fabric […]

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Loren Yagoda jewelry

Your Personal Style

Previously I’ve written about style as it relates to self-expression in what we choose to wear (see Fashion vs. Style), but recently I was inspired to consider the concept of style more broadly. Last week I was browsing one of my favorite boutiques, Objects, and noticed some beautiful statement necklaces and sculpture pieces from artist […]

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Shopping mindset

The Shopping Mindset

Going shopping and spending money to buy clothes is not that difficult. Anyone can do it. To shop effectively, however, one needs what I call the right shopping mindset. The result will be wardrobe items that you love and wear for years because they contribute to stylish looks that make you feel proud. An effective […]

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Wood panel closet

Closet Lessons

As a stylist and personal shopper I get to assess a lot of women’s closets, and I’ve noticed some common themes about client wardrobes. Based on these insights I have some suggestions you can take to love your closet and what’s in it. Organize your closet by occasion: Most women organize by color, and to […]

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Street scene in Nice

Observations on France

My husband and I are wrapping up a month of seeing, doing and eating our way through France. We’ve explored Paris, Nice, Toulouse and southern Pyrenees villages. The French experience has piqued and delighted my passion for both style and food. I can’t think of a better way to spend time than sitting at an […]

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