Boutiques versus Department Stores

You are probably accustomed to shopping for women’s fashion and accessories in department stores. As I see it, there are three tiers of department stores in terms of quality, cost and customer service. Higher end stores include Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, mid level stores include Macy’s and Dillards, and less expensive alternatives include Kohl’s or […]

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Appropriately sized gray bag

Handbags and Heels

When it comes to handbags and heel heights, one size does not fit all. Both should suit your body size and height. In general, tall women, and those with a larger stature, should carry a bigger bag. Conversely, petite women should look for handbags that don’t over-power them. So whether you prefer a clutch, a […]

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Jeans, leggings & Jeggings

Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings …. Huh?

We all know that jeans are of made of denim, available in various washes and colors, typically 5-pocket, low, mid and high cut, and either skinny, straight, boot or flair leg. But what about leggings and jeggings and how do we best wear these styles? Leggings are like a skin tight pair of pants and […]

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Designer Black Dresses

Why Spend More for Quality?

I get asked this a lot. Let me tell you what you actually get when you buy better quality. For starters, higher quality clothing will fit your body better, feel better on your skin and have more interesting detailing. For example, have you ever noticed that some women can wear the proverbial “just jeans and […]

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Holiday style and fashion

Holiday Dressing

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the holiday style choices, but here are a few style tips for looking chic and on trend this season: Use metallics as accents. They’re a fun way to jazz up your look and are great in shoes, handbags and jewelry. You can also mix metallics because they’re neutrals. […]

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Fashionable Black & White Heels

Importance of Anchor Pieces

What clothing and accessories are essential based on your lifestyle and preferences? I call these pieces anchor pieces because they serve as the foundation for building your wardrobe. Anchor pieces might include a quality pair of black pants that you can wear to the office or combine with a sexy top and a pair of […]

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