Closet Lessons

Wood panel closet

As a stylist and personal shopper I get to assess a lot of women’s closets, and I’ve noticed some common themes about client wardrobes. Based on these insights I have some suggestions you can take to love your closet and what’s in it.

  • Organize your closet by occasion: Most women organize by color, and to a lesser extent by season, but few organize by occasion. And, yet, when we go to the closet it’s to dress for a specific function or occasion. An example of organizing by occasion might look like: work, daytime events, errands, date night, workout, and golf. Fashion pieces that can serve more than one purpose can be organized by type of piece such as blazers, camisoles, and jeans.
  • Review what’s in your closet: Do this at least every two years to weed out what no longer works for you. Pull pieces that no longer fit, and ones that are too worn. Include items that have lost their appeal and gone out of style. Be sure to pull the items you’ve never worn and probably shouldn’t have bought in the first place. Definitely grab those pieces that were given to you as a gift and you don’t like. Sort these items into three piles to either tailor, consign or donate.
  • Stop repeating the same purchase: I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s such a common problem that it’s worth stating again. Women tend to buy the same pieces of clothing over and over again. Take a look in your own closet. Do you have six black blazers, or more pairs of khaki capris than you can count? Every time you repeat the same purchase, or only vary it ever so slightly, it is a missed opportunity to spend that money expanding your wardrobe so that you have a look for every occasion.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll eliminate the dreaded feeling that you have “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”!

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  1. Karen, after decades of closet organization problems, I decided to follow your advice. Wow, what a difference. Now I know where to go when I’m heading out and where to go when staying in. My better clothing area stays neater and I give those clothes more room, so they are less crumpled. At first I started with tops, dresses, and skirts. Now I think I’ll add my better pants to that group, too. Thanks for sorting out my closet confusion!

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