July 17, 20202

Great Time to Shop

Every morning for the past many Covid-filled months, my fashion decision each morning is simple.  If it’s a hiking workout day, I choose the thigh-length leggings and a breathable sport bra and tank.  But if it’s an online yoga class or weights workout day at home, I go for the
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May 11, 20202

Creativity in Isolation

I believe we are all somewhere on the creative continuum. Some of us are just more aware of our creativity than others so we’re more conscious of tapping into it.  We all use a greater or lesser extent of our creativity in everyday activities like problem-solving, scheduling or managing logistics.
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April 28, 20204

Never Say Never

With age comes wisdom, or at least we hope so.  Rather than the absolutes in life, most of us tend to moderate our thinking and soften a bit as we mature.  We replace words like always and never with maybe or perhaps.  I’ve noticed this of myself when it comes
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March 27, 20201

Clothes Closets & Covid-19

Fashion takes a back seat for those of us who are housebound during the Coronavirus.  Well, at least we get to lounge around in our favorite comfy clothes.  Even if working from home, whatever we have in the closet will do in times like this.  I admit to wearing my
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Fashion Despair
January 16, 20202

Style Despair

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Many women I work with immediately claim, “I’m at a complete loss, I don’t know what to do!”  This reaction to style and fashion reflects a common belief among women that “I’m supposed to know how to do this!”  The problem is that we buy into gender stereotypes about what
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June 12, 20192

Dressing For 100 Degree Heat

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It’s that time again, ladies, when the summer heat hits triple digits and getting dressed is all about staying cool. But you don’t need to sacrifice style to dress for the hot summer months. Here are some smart style tips to keep you looking chic and feeling cool: Choose clothing
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Mom and daughter style
December 3, 20181

Who Do You Dress For?

So why is it that some women dress to meet the expressed or implied expectations of others rather than themselves? This got me thinking about the issue of who we dress for, and why. Self-esteem is probably a big factor. This plays out in the balance of power in relationships
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October 7, 20182

Fall & Winter Trends 2018/19

The era of “Me Too” and “Times Up” is impacting fashion in interesting ways this season. More women are finding their voices, running for elected office, and seeing themselves as agents of positive change. They want to dress in ways that communicate power and strength, rather than sexiness. As such,
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