Fall & Winter Trends 2018/19


The era of “Me Too” and “Times Up” is impacting fashion in interesting ways this season. More women are finding their voices, running for elected office, and seeing themselves as agents of positive change. They want to dress in ways that communicate power and strength, rather than sexiness. As such, you’ll see silhouettes more covered up with higher necklines, longer hemlines and lots of layers.

Leather will be the most dominant of all fabrics this season. Think beyond traditional black with leathers in luscious shades of green and butterscotch. Faux and real fur pieces will be redesigns of the classic looks from utility stripes to patchword and applique. High shine fabrics, glossy metallics, transparent plastic, and beaded and shimmery fringe will break through this season too.

Statement headwear that covers the head, neck and ears and looks like knitwear also will be on trend, colder weather permitting. Over-sized coats that reach somewhere between thigh and ankle, styled from the 80’s, will be must-have pieces. The same holds true for hooded coats and jackets.

Plaids, tweeds and animal prints abound this fall too. Bold color plaids and more traditional dark winter colors will be on display. The trend is to mix your plaids, such as herringbone with houndstooth. Tweeds will be most stylish paired with other textures such as silk or velvet. All animal prints will be front and center, particularly zebra and leopard, so go bold and mix these prints as well.

Cowboy boots are a must this fall, whether you combine them with full-on western wear or pair them with your favorite skinny jeans or floral skirts. Fall florals, from delicate to bold, will take center stage, my favorite of which is a long floral coat.

Suffice it to say, the fall/winter season has something for everyone. There are more 2018 Fall trends than I could cover in this blog, so contact me for more ideas and how to style them for your best look.

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  1. As always, Karen, your perspective, insights, expertise show us how our our clothing and style are and can be a continual growing exploration of our beliefs, values, and edges. I so enjoy how you have detailed options for combining patterns and styles. Thank you for your always excellent eye and commitment to helping us see how I/we can expand my self expression.

  2. What a great article – And so much of what seems to be in style this season, I already have in my closet; I’m thrilled about the prospect of feeling fashion forward, while not having to invest in any new pieces this season! Can’t wait to read your next blog entry, you always seem to be spot on, and with great advice – Thank you!

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