Style Despair

Fashion Despair

Many women I work with immediately claim, “I’m at a complete loss, I don’t know what to do!”  This reaction to style and fashion reflects a common belief among women that “I’m supposed to know how to do this!” 

The problem is that we buy into gender stereotypes about what we should know and be good at.  For example, we think men should be able to understand car problems, or have the aptitude to address a multitude of home fix-it projects.  Likewise, we expect women to know how to plan parties, cook great meals and dress themselves stylishly.  But these myths just make us feel bad when they don’t fit our reality.

I see this issue on a regular basis with my clients.  Most believe they should know how to put together polished outfits, accessorize, wear what flatters their figures, shop for basic or statement pieces of clothing, understand what casual chic means, or navigate sales help.  Their anxiety comes from feeling they should already be natural experts about style and fashion, and yet they aren’t.

Hiring professional help comes easily when outside our areas of expertise.  We don’t think twice about hiring a plumber or financial planner.  Yet when it comes to something we are “supposed” to already know, like fashion choices, we often muddle along on our own.  Recognizing this myth’s influence is the first step to changing it.  Getting help to create your best look and gain confidence is time and money well spent.

So, stop struggling with the erroneous thinking about what we “should be able to do” and accept the fact that sometimes we need help in particular areas.  As we all know, awareness is the first step.  I’m here to assist you with any or all aspects of your wardrobe, so let’s get started!

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  1. How true this is! Most of the people of either gender who are accomplished in any field, have received instruction in their lifetimes to be able to arrive where they have. And I have always said it’s much better to have a man who is incapable of fixing the car or of being a handyman, but that can afford to hire someone to do those tasks rather than care he cannot himself! We all have natural-born talents, but no one is good at everything – So personally, I’m just so glad I can find someone like you who does have this talent, to teach me about what doesn’t come to me naturally!

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