Great Time to Shop

Every morning for the past many Covid-filled months, my fashion decision each morning is simple.  If it’s a hiking workout day, I choose the thigh-length leggings and a breathable sport bra and tank.  But if it’s an online yoga class or weights workout day at home, I go for the capri-length leggings with the bra and tank.  The fashion fun I have is deciding which solid color bottoms to match with which solid color top.  And that’s the extent of it.  Frankly, I’ve forgotten what I ever needed real clothing for.  If you’re not an essential worker, I’m betting your daily fashion choices are somewhat similar to mine.

But then last week, I got a call from a client who wanted my assistance in cleaning out her closet, and my decision about what to wear to her home turned difficult.  The problem was that I truly love everything in my closet.  And since I haven’t had the opportunity to wear any of it for far too long, I wanted to wear it all at once!  So it took me way longer than I want to admit to select my outfit.

That scenario brings me to this thought.  If your closet isn’t filled with clothes and accessories you love, then this is the right time to shop while still taking the proper Covid safety precautions.  Boutiques and department stores are having great sales on tons of summer merchandise to clear the way for fall pieces that typically start arriving in late July and August.  And let’s face it, in the summer heat in any given year, we want loose, flowy clothing made of breathable fabrics, in brighter and lighter colors than we wear other times of the year.  So perhaps this is the year to purchase now and wear next spring/summer season.

One of my favorite boutiques is Objects in Scottsdale.  I was just in there buying myself a fabulous casual dress and chunky necklace, and was thrilled to see a lot of chic, quality pieces (casual and dressy), including accessories.  Throughout the remainder of July, all clothing storewide is 50-60% off, and all jewelry, handbags and shoes are 25% off. 

Even though being out still feels a little surreal, I felt great, and safe, to be out there shopping again.  Of course, if you’d like some help in selecting from all the wonderful fashion choices out there now, I’d be delighted to assist you!

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  1. Always good to hear from you. I went to the guests bedroom closet to look for a nicer top than tea shirts, and was surprised and stunned by the interesting clothes I have hidden away. But it is a great time to clean out all those tee shirts and drop a bag off at St Vincent De Paul.
    Take care of special you, Warmly, Ellie

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more – And furthermore, shopping during this surreal time makes one feel a little bit more “normal” (or connected) again, and in a better place in general, psychologically – at least that’s how it works for me!

    When you add that you are making good use of this confinement to do things that before, you felt difficult to fit into your day, it gets even better!

    I, for one, am going to (happily) follow your advice – Thank you!

  3. Karen, always wonderful to hear your wise and insightful comments. Your thoughts did spark some reflections: You are correct that having not been in real clothes for quite awhile depending instead on exercise choices, i feel alittle rusty putting things together. I also find the need to mix up my exercise clothes, and recently needed a lululemon pick me up for some new variety. It helped!!! And your suggestion to initiate a closet clean out, what a great idea. When you helped me pre-Covid, your recommendations of what to keep and what to get rid of was so helpful. Thanks as always for your inspiration and great style.

  4. Hi a Karen! For me, it’s which bathing suit and Ball cap to wear to water aerobics! I’m no longer at the (closed) Y, but teach a class of 7 friends 5 mornings a week at home.

    I’m feeling totally ok with everything I have, and feel no need/ desire to shop—and that’s a bit frustrating and unusual. Still missing my sisters and friends and have my fingers crossed for change which will allow us to see friends and travel. ( we cancelled 8 trips,)

    Haven’t been able to have a jewelry show at all in 2020, but have been making Lots of necklaces to keep me sane.

    I enjoyed your blog, as always. Thanks!

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