Creativity in Isolation

I believe we are all somewhere on the creative continuum. Some of us are just more aware of our creativity than others so we’re more conscious of tapping into it.  We all use a greater or lesser extent of our creativity in everyday activities like problem-solving, scheduling or managing logistics.  But we also use our creativity in more targeted ways like painting, drawing, music or photography. 

Then there’s me during a pandemic when my styling and personal shopping business has come to a halt because no one is leaving their house.  We’ve already cleaned out our closets and considered new looks from existing pieces (if you were following my previse blogs that is) so there is no need now for anything other than our comfy clothes.

So how do I channel my creative eye and energy amid Covid-19?  By spending lots of extra time in the kitchen.  Cooking is like therapy to me.  It both rejuvenates and relaxes me.  Except when I try to make a crust of some sort.  I can’t ever seem to get the butter to the exact right temperature, or my cutting-in technique is all wrong, and the end result is really disappointing.  And while I’m on the subject of cooking frustrations, what is it with recipes that say the dish requires only 20 minutes of prep time, when it takes me an hour and a half! These people must have sous chefs and dish-washing staff at the ready.  Whew, I feel better getting that off my chest.

But honestly, it’s not about cooking really.  What I love is creating beauty and being surrounded by beauty.  I can create beauty in fashion but there aren’t any opportunities during a pandemic.  So I’ve really ramped up cooking lately and made some wonderful dishes.  I’m aware that families are starving now, and it’s a horrible situation, but I confess that my husband and I are eating better than ever… and yes, I do feel some guilt about that!  At its core, I love putting plates of flavorful and exquisite food in front of people I love.

My repertoire includes sausage and smoked mozzarella breakfast popovers with maple syrup, and split pea soup with smoked ham hock and jalapeno corn muffins.  Yum.  Then there’s the butternut squash tart, the eggplant parmesan (with my hubby’s marinara sauce) and the chocolate-ginger cake with bourbon sauce.  For some reason I’m hungry now.  Are you?

So if your regular creative outlet is on hold because of Covid, try directing it to an area that you like, but never had enough time for.  Or perhaps consider something you’ve just dabbled in but felt like you just weren’t creative enough for it.  Jump in now and maybe you’ll surprise yourself.

P.S.  As a wrap-up to my last blog, I wanted you to know that I love both pairs of sweatpants!

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  1. Yet another great – and truly inspiring post (especially to those of us not imaginative enough in the kitchen!) – even in times of crisis! :)

    You are surely a woman of many talents, and I’m convinced you’re just as fabulous at cuisine as you are as a fashion stylist and personal shopper!


  2. With all that yummy food, people will need new (bigger) clothes! I’m sure that won’t happen to you two, though.

    Hope you’re well! Upbeat and hopeful.

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