Mix and Match Pieces

Mix and Match

Most women say that they want their wardrobe to include a lot of mix and match pieces. But, what exactly does ‘mix and match’ mean? Why is it important, and what’s the best way to go about achieving it?

Mixing and matching means selecting individual pieces for your wardrobe that are interchangeable to create a variety of looks without needing to purchase complete outfits. These types of pieces are wonderful for expanding and rounding out your wardrobe. When you make good selections, you won’t need a lot of pieces, just the right ones. Coordinating new with existing pieces helps you to maximize the number of looks you can create while still staying within your fashion budget. (You do have a fashion budget, don’t you?)

Before shopping for mix and match pieces, identify the central color palette and overall look and feel of your wardrobe. Is your closet filled with darker or lighter tones, colorful or muted, solids or patterns? Is your primary style classic, bohemian, contemporary, ultra feminine, or edgy? Then think about adding pieces within your color palette but in varying tones to add contrast. Incorporating pieces that add a pop of a complimentary color or pattern also can really change up a look, as can items of various weight and texture. Seeking out interesting pieces such as a long lightweight vest or a short fur vest, create a layered effect, adding depth and richness to your wardrobe. Also, consider adding items that allow you to dress up or dress down a look to take you from day to night. Finally, styling with scarves, belts and jewelry are great ways to create dramatically different looks.

With a mixed and matched wardrobe in your closet, you will discover fabulous looks for any activity or occasion, with minimal stress and cost. If this sounds good to you, consider a well coordinated wardrobe as your next endeavor.

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