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During these hot summer months as I’m working with clients, I hear many of them lament the need to “look better” (translated as lose weight, exercise more, get toned, etc) for upcoming family reunions, getaway vacations or special occasion events. Although a worthy goal, my first thought usually goes something like this. “I wish more women would focus on a healthy lifestyle, rather than the short-term pursuit of looking better for a specific purpose.” I know this thinking can sound too simplistic for some because issues related to our bodies can have a huge emotional component. But I believe this inner dialogue I’m having is much more attainable, and will help women feel more empowered and satisfied in their lives.

So what does this have to do with fashion and style, you ask? Recently, my husband pointed out to me that I seem to have the long-term view in nearly all areas of my life whether it’s health and fitness, growing my business, or helping women to create or update their wardrobes. I suggested in my blog last month (see Style Sticker Shock) to avoid the cheap thrill of getting something new, and instead to think strategically about what you need to enhance your wardrobe. Taking this long view regarding fashion will help you to purchase timeless classics, statement pieces that have amazing style impact, and necessary basics that increase the versatility of your wardrobe. All of which will save you time and money in the long run.

Sure, there are shorter term indulgences in life, and many of them are great for pampering ourselves, soothing our psyches, or just plain having fun. But achieving results over the longer term helps us to change our thinking and our behaviors, and increases the likelihood of maintaining our new approach. I hope you consider this philosophical framework in areas of your own life, particularly as it relates to continually evolving your style and wardrobe.

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  1. I’m pleasantly surprised to find this philosophy is so much more satisfying. The pieces that you helped me choose for my wardrobe several years ago are still worn frequently; as others have come and gone rather quickly. Your title should be “ Fashion Counselor.”
    Thank you, Karen!

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