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Loren Yagoda jewelry

Previously I’ve written about style as it relates to self-expression in what we choose to wear (see Fashion vs. Style), but recently I was inspired to consider the concept of style more broadly. Last week I was browsing one of my favorite boutiques, Objects, and noticed some beautiful statement necklaces and sculpture pieces from artist Loren Yagoda. All her work conveyed a consistent design aesthetic. The look was minimalistic and contemporary, all in neutral tones, with a serene feel. It got me thinking about how personal style is expansive and evolving.

Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are. It manifests not only in what you wear, but in your personal environment (your home and office), your lifestyle and your interests. Personal style stamps our identity on everything we do. Notice a similarity between how you dress and your home décor? For most of us, the answer is yes because both offer the opportunity to show some of our personality and creativity. At work, personal style is reflected in how we arrange our workspace and even how we approach and tackle the work itself. In terms of our leisure time and interests, this same self-expression is revealed as we choose activities that align with our personality and values.

Just as we continue to grow and change both intellectually and emotionally throughout our life, our personal style is always evolving too. Although our core values, beliefs and personality characteristics remain largely stable, the outward expression of them can shift to better express different aspects of our personalities. There is something satisfying, and confirming, about people whose personal style is clearly congruent with their personality. It feels trustworthy. I think my personal style is reflected in my fashion choices, and I’ll bet Loren’s is reflected in her design aesthetic. How does personal style show up in your life? In your closet?

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  1. Beautifully said Karen. Thank you…
    It has taken a lifetime. My style was a combination of riding habit in khaki Jodhpurs, black dance leotard and artist grubbies. The common thread was absence of color and simplicity. Finally you look at the homes I design, my paintings, ceramics, jewelry and attire and always recognize them as Yagoda. For me it was there all the time.

    When designing someone’s home, I begin by looking in their closet. It tells me about how their home should look and who they are.

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