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Appropriately sized gray bag

When it comes to handbags and heel heights, one size does not fit all. Both should suit your body size and height. In general, tall women, and those with a larger stature, should carry a bigger bag. Conversely, petite women should look for handbags that don’t over-power them. So whether you prefer a clutch, a handle, the backpack look, crossbody or a shoulder strap, fit the bag size to your body size to achieve a fashionable and stylish look.

Every wardrobe includes shoulder strap bags. The bottom of this style bag should fall somewhere between your waist and the top of your thigh. If it falls any lower, it will look as though the bag is wearing you. For any bag you’re considering, I suggest taking time in-store to place the content of your own bag into the new one to make sure it holds everything. Also, if the bag is soft-sided, make sure it still has an attractive shape once filled.

Regarding shoe heels, the guidelines for handbags hold equally true. The height of the heel should be appropriate for your stature. Many petite women get this wrong. In their desire to look taller, they end up looking out of proportion when the heel height is higher than 3 or 4 inches. The shape of the heel also plays a role in determining proper proportions. A chunkier heel adds more bulk. A petite woman can use this feature to add strength and power to her appearance, provided she doesn’t go overboard. Taller women often want to downplay their height but still want a heel to look more stylish. In this case, a princess heel, which is slender and about 1 ½ inches, is the perfect solution. But if you’re tall and want to emphasize this feature, consider yourself lucky because most heel heights and heel shapes will work for you.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I did not know where a shoulder strap handbag should hang down to when wearing it.
    Thanks for the important tip. I always thought those cute little handbags looked so precious on other women. Now I know why I shouldn’t carry one since I am not petite it just would not be the right proportion for my body.

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