Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings …. Huh?

Jeans, leggings & Jeggings

We all know that jeans are of made of denim, available in various washes and colors, typically 5-pocket, low, mid and high cut, and either skinny, straight, boot or flair leg. But what about leggings and jeggings and how do we best wear these styles? Leggings are like a skin tight pair of pants and typically made from a blend of Lycra, spandex and knit materials. The majority of leggings worn are black, but numerous other colors and print options are widely available. Typically they have no detailing and fit at the waist. Jeggings are also tight fitting all the way down the leg but are made from a blend of denim and spandex or a blend of all synthetic fabrics. They are made to look like jeans because they have similar detailing such as belt loops, zipper front, and 5-pocket, although the front three pockets are faux. Jeggings also come in solid colors, prints and tone-on-tone options. I recently purchased my new favorite pair of jeggings from Objects boutique in Scottsdale. They carry a brand called Liverpool, and they fit and feel fabulous. Liverpool jeggings are mid-rise so they fit just below the waist, are a blend of rayon, nylon and spandex, and come in sophisticated and understated prints. You’ll want more than one pair!

Leggings and jeggings look best when worn with a tunic top, long blouse or long vest that covers your bottom, even if the front of the top is a bit shorter. Remember, leggings and jeggings are not a true pant because they fit skin tight and the fabrics are thinner than jeans or traditional pants. Depending on your body shape, a waisted or hip belt looks great over a long and fuller top paired with these skin tight bottoms.

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