Why Spend More for Quality?

Designer Black Dresses

I get asked this a lot. Let me tell you what you actually get when you buy better quality. For starters, higher quality clothing will fit your body better, feel better on your skin and have more interesting detailing. For example, have you ever noticed that some women can wear the proverbial “just jeans and a t-shirt” and look so much more put together than other women who are similarly dressed? Next time you see this, take a closer look. The woman who appears more stylish and put together is most likely wearing better fitting jeans that suit her body type, a t-shirt that has a soft, feminine neckline (not a crew neck) that has spandex in the fabric so that it clings to the body, and some eye catching detailing like over-stitching or a pocket. She’s probably also wearing a great pair of flats, wedges or heels, a gorgeous handbag and a few pieces of jewelry.

Higher quality clothing also holds its shape better after multiple wearings, and whether you’re a fan of machine washing, hand washing or dry cleaning, these pieces will look newer for longer. So I say, go for better quality on pieces you plan to wear a lot, and select pieces that mix and match to create many looks.

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