Holiday Dressing

Holiday style and fashion

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the holiday style choices, but here are a few style tips for looking chic and on trend this season:

  • Use metallics as accents. They’re a fun way to jazz up your look and are great in shoes, handbags and jewelry. You can also mix metallics because they’re neutrals. But remember, when it comes to metallics, less is more.
  • Go wild with texture. Fur, faux fur and velvet are luxurious and big this season and look great as vests, coats or trim. Leather and faux leather leggings paired with a tunic and ankle boots is fashionable and a bit sassy.
  • Try naughty and nice. Mix a leather skirt or pants with a lace blouse, or wear a slip dress in silk or velvet. Maybe you’d prefer an elegant holiday dress with a slit in the back or over the thigh, or a lace pencil skirt in red or black with a tailored silk blouse. Any of these looks are unexpected and fun.
  • Play with color. Wear a gorgeous shade of red or green, but please pick one and never combine! Jewel tones flatter every skin tone and look great as a solid color dress or as a blouse paired with winter white. Avoid deep, solid colors paired with black as they can look a bit harsh.

Before you go shopping, take a look at what’s in your closet because you may have pieces that will work beautifully for the holidays by adding a colorful shoe, a small handbag with metallics or a faux fur wrap.

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