Importance of Anchor Pieces

Fashionable Black & White Heels

What clothing and accessories are essential based on your lifestyle and preferences? I call these pieces anchor pieces because they serve as the foundation for building your wardrobe. Anchor pieces might include a quality pair of black pants that you can wear to the office or combine with a sexy top and a pair of heels for going out. Or maybe, a simple cream colored cardigan to wear over sleeveless dresses for work or combine with a pair of capris and ballet flats for lunch with the girls. If you identify closely with Michael Kors or Kate Spade, then a handbag from one of these classic designers might be an anchor piece for you. Typically, anchor pieces are in neutral colors such as black, gray, taupe, brown, cream or white. They’re meant to mix and match easily with other specialty or trend pieces, and be worn more often to help you create numerous looks. Then, each season, you can add new trends by purchasing a piece or two so that you always look up-to-date.

Quality counts with anchor pieces. That’s why it’s a good idea to spend more on these central pieces, because they serve such an important function in your wardrobe. This is never truer than when you invest in great accessories including jewelry, handbags and belts that can literally last a lifetime, and will transform a simple outfit from nice to sophisticated chic!

And here’s a great style tip: purchase a few inexpensive pieces that you can pair with your higher quality ones, resulting in an overall high end look.

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